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We know how to help. We've already helped hundreds like you achieve sustainable personal enrichment with functional fitness & martial arts training.

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"I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying learning JKD. After only a short time, I’m in better shape than I’ve been in years (too many years).  My wife can also verify that JKD has been a calming influence in my life and I always look forward to the focus that class brings.  Each class is varied and challenging, filled with students working to better each other through the continual discovery of the martial arts.  Nobody gets discouraged and the energy and excitement in class is infectious.  That doesn’t just happen – it is a direct result of your teaching and your spirit.  On top of that, the new space is fantastic!"

-Mike Blegen

Centerline Student in Lee JFGF / JKD

Classes are hard work but doable for people of all fitness levels (they give options for many of the workouts to be able to accommodate the least fit and challenge even the most fit). Definitely an amazing full body workout. I never did kickboxing before coming here, but they made it easy to learn and love and have a great intro deal! 

- Krystal Anderson

Centerline Kickboxing Student and Cornell Law School Graduate

"Collin is an excellent fitness trainer. He is passionate about martial arts and fitness which shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He has a keen insight to the people he teaches and because of his efforts, I am stronger and becoming more flexible. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! I highly recommend training with Collin to anyone seeking health and fitness improvements."

- Harris B. 

Centerline Martial Arts Student & Fitness Bootcamp Participant



"Collin is the best! His workouts are creative, inspiring, positive, challenging, and effective--all in 60 minutes.  He works well with all fitness levels.  You'll end up in the best shape of your life and have fun getting there!"

-Lynn Stout

Cornell Professor & Centerline Group Fitness Regular

"I am 54 years old and have always been an active person, until I got hurt.  I stopped doing sport activities for several years, and I felt old.  I decided to start running again but with more direction, and I connected with Collin as my personal trainer. He's a fantastic fitness trainer, and has helped me to get in the best shape of my life.  He works me hard while guiding me to reach my goals, and best of all I've been injure free. I feel great, with more energy, and I've found the discipline to work out and find the joy of training.   I don't feel old and I feel as good as I felt when I was in my 30s. 

-Augusto Diemecke

Professional Musician & Centerline Personal Training Client

"I just wanted to tell you how much Forrest loves taking kung fu with you. He wanted to try on his uniform when we got home after maple fest... His friends are doing Tball soon, which conflicts with kung fu times. I asked if he wanted to do Tball and put kung fu on hold and he said no, he loves martial arts and he wants to go all the way to black sash. Thank you so much.  It is so fun to see him so excited and dedicated to something."

-Margaret, Kung Fu Parent

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