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Cultivating Focus / Strength / Balance

Growing Teamwork / Discipline / Mindfulness

Kids will learn important skills as they progress and earn new sashes!

Little Dragons

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"Start a fun lifetime adventure in Martial Arts!"


KunG Fu

Kids Kung Fu Instructors

Collin Lieberman
Head Instructor
Jake Seeger
Sija Laura
Shad Ryan
Izzy Herold
Samantha Lo Piccolo

Ready to try martial arts?  Here are a few words from the head instructor to help you get started...

Try a few classes.  

If this isn't a great fit for you and your child, I'll gladly refund you in full.Like so many other families, I'm confident that you and your child will love it here.  Come in and find out for yourself. 

The best that can happen is we start your child down a path to mastery of timeless art. For so many, Kung Fu has led to a healthy body, mind, and a lifetime of personal growth.




Collin Lieberman

Head Instructor and Kung Fu Program Director

Centerline Fitness & Martial Arts


Hi Collin,

I just wanted to tell you how much Forrest loves taking kung fu with you. He wanted to try on his uniform when we got home after maple fest. He also just went through white sash and what he knows for yellow sash because he wanted to.

His friends are doing Tball soon, which conflicts with kung fu times. I asked if he wanted to do Tball and put kung fu on hold and he said no, he loves martial arts and he wants to go all the way to black sash.

Thank you so much. It is so fun to see him so excited and dedicated to something...

-Margaret, Kung Fu Parent

"Sifu Collin is the best teacher!  Kung Fu is fun and I like learning new moves and earning new sashes."


-Griffin, Kung Fu Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What are the benefits of practicing martial arts at an early age?"

A. Martial Arts training has countless benefits.  It's never too late to start, but it's usually preferred to start

at a young age.  A few reasons for this include:

  • Martial Arts classes improve focus and listening skills, which are important skills to cultivate early in a child's development.

  • Establishing flexibility and balance in the body at a young age makes it more likely to stick with you later in life

  • Cultivating body awareness unlocks a child's natural athletic talents at a younger age

  • Kung Fu classes establish healthy social skills, and a supportive environment for children to overcome their fears while growing stronger

Q. "Does the martial arts training make my child aggressive to others?"

A. To the contrary, martial arts training typically promotes less aggressive behavior and decreases the chances that a child will get involved with fighting or bullying. Some reasons for this include:

  • Our students learn self-control and respect for others in every class

  • Our classes provide a healthy outlet for pent up energy and frustrations

  • Kung Fu seeks to build a sense of self-worth while shrinking the ego - students are less likely to feel a need to "prove themselves" by fighting

Q. "What kind of gear I need to purchase for my kid to start?"

A. Compared to many sports (and even some other martial arts schools), Kung Fu has very few expenses beyond the monthly membership cost. 

  • Students are given a "Kung Fu" T-shirt when they sign up, which is the required uniform until earning a White Sash.  

  • After white sash, students will be given a full uniform (which is covered by the cost of enrollment).  

  • Students are also given a binder for notes and track their progress (also covered with the cost of enrollment).  

  • The average family spends no more than $100 per year in test fees

  • The initial enrollment cost is also well under $100.

Beyond this, there is no equipment required for training until after the first year, after which students will begin sparring.  Parents will then need to purchase sparring gear for their child, and this typically costs less than $100.

Q. "Will there be any risk of serious injury?"

A. We believe that Kung Fu is one of the safest activities your child can be involved in.  We have had suffered NO serious injuries in our years of kid's classes in Ithaca, and even minor injuries are extremely rare.  This can be attributed to the culture of safe, yet effective training at Centerline Martial Arts.  We always emphasize the following in our classes:

  • Respect for the safety and personal space of others in the class

  • Mindful movement - students learn to push themselves to be stronger without hurting themselves

  • Joint Health - muscle burn is a part of getting stronger, but joint pain is not.  We teach this to our students at a young age!

  • Train for a decade from now - Although our Kids Kung Fu students are gifted with young and resilient bodies, they are learning valuable warm-up routines, stretches, strengthening and mobility exercise (based on modern sports science) that will save keep their bodies healthy later in life.

  • Progressive Sparring Program - Sparring is the practice of "play fighting" with safety equipment, and this can carry a higher risk of injury in some schools.  At Centerline Martial Arts, students learn how to spar gradually and safely with careful instructor guidance.  It is always approached as a valuable learning exercise between two students, rather than a way to test oneself against another.

Q. "How many kids per instructor?"

A. Most classes have between 12-20 students, with two or three instructors.  Our teacher to student ratio is optimal for having a fun atmosphere for kids while maximizing learning!

One week of classes,
a private lesson,
and the starter uniform (T-Shirt) for $29.99!

* Absolutely no commitment required!!



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