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Have you Ever Imagined...

...walking through life with a peaceful heart, a focused mind, and a limber, powerful body? The martial arts can take you there, and will supercharge your self-discipline along the way.  It's finally time to unlock your potential and share your unique gifts with the world.

Centerline provides a safe & friendly environment to undertake your personal journey into these profound arts of personal discovery and growth.  Professional, expert instructors and helpful, encouraging peers will light the way along your path.  




Let's Do This.

Our INTRO PROGRAM is the place to begin.

It grants you unlimited access for one week, and a private lesson to get you going. No commitment.  Just enough training to discover if Centerline is the perfect fit.

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Kids  Kung  Fu​

Little Dragons (ages 4-6)                 Kids Kung Fu (ages 6-12)


Kung Fu training leads to success and happiness in life!

Kids classes at Centerline are uniquely engaging.  Our friendly kung fu instructors provide each child with the right combination of challenge, encouragement, and empowerment to bring out their best as they grow!



Let's begin   their journey...

Our INTRO PROGRAM is the place to start.

It grants your child unlimited classes for one week, and a private lesson to get them going. No commitment. It's the perfect way to see if Centerline is the perfect fit.

Simply $29.99  



The best way to get in shape, and stay there!

Our kickboxing program is like no other.  Designed by a martial artist and a nationally certified strength and conditioning coach, it is guaranteed to provide a safe, effective, and challenging workout; built on a foundation of real kickboxing skills.  You will shred fat and build lean, powerful muscles. You will have fun and punch-out your stress on the bags.  Kickboxing will keep you coming back again and again.  No other group fitness class does ALL of this!

Centerline provides a friendly environment start your fitness kickboxing transformation.  Our instructors cater each class to beginners (but provide challenging modifications for our kickboxing veterans).  Our members stay with us far longer than they might a typical gym (and get in better shape as a result), because with kickboxing, the classes never get boring, and you can always get better! 

Let's Do This.

Our INTRO PROGRAM is the place to begin.

It includes two weeks of UNLIMITED classes, boxing gloves (to keep) and a private coaching session to get you started. No commitment.  Let's see if Centerline is the perfect fit!

Simply $39.99