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Why Kung Fu?


... A lifetime of personal enrichment and satisfaction.



Kung Fu literally means "skill earned through patient, hard work".  Our classes cultivate these important life skills in every student.


Chinese Kung Fu is the original martial art.  Its rich history led to the development of Karate, Tae Kwon Do and most other popular styles. Pure Kung Fu contains the strengths of all martial arts, and is characterized by graceful movements and techniques that are powerful, yet efficient.


Kung Fu has been restored to recent popularity by the Kung Fu Panda movies, showcasing the beauty of this ancient art and teaching kids the power of believing in themselves. Let's unlock your child's inner panda!







Why Centerline?


Because your child deserves the best.



Centerline is Ithaca's source for authentic Kung Fu training, combining traditional values with modern techniques and exercise science.


Centerline Kung Fu combines the balance and mindfulness of Tai Chi, with the practical art of Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu.  There is simply nothing else like it.


Centerline is proud to be an active part of the Ithaca community. We teach after school programs at Belle Sherman and Fall Creek elementary schools, and perform workshops for summer camp programs at Cass Park and the Ithaca Children's Garden.  We volunteer and donate to charitable causes such as the Children's Garden, the Advocacy Center, and STAP, to name a few.






"Sifu Collin is the best teacher!  Kung Fu is fun and I like learning new moves and earning new sashes."


-Griffin, Kung Fu Student



Hi Collin,

I just wanted to tell you how much Forrest loves taking kung fu with you. He wanted to try on his uniform when we got home after maple fest. He also just went through white sash and what he knows for yellow sash because he wanted to.

His friends are doing Tball soon, which conflicts with kung fu times. I asked if he wanted to do Tball and put kung fu on hold and he said no, he loves martial arts and he wants to go all the way to black sash.

Thank you so much. It is so fun to see him so excited and dedicated to something...

-Margaret, Kung Fu Parent


Try a few classes.  If this isn't a great fit for you and your child, I'll gladly refund you in full.


Like so many other families, I'm confident that you and your child will love it here.  Come in and find out for yourself -  you're more than welcome to try it out risk free.  


The best that can happen is we start your child down a path to mastery of a timeless art.  For so many, Kung Fu has lead to a healthy body, mind, and a lifetime of personal growth.




Collin Lieberman

Head Instructor and Kung Fu Program Director


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Get our class schedule, prices, and a Special Offer!

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