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Need to cancel your membership?  We can help with that, and we may even have suggestions on how to get more our of your training.  Simply fill out the form below, and we will be in contact with you shortly. While we hate to see any of our wonderful members leave, we understand that sometimes circumstances change.

Per your membership agreement, you may request to cancel for any reason at any time, unless otherwise noted. From the date that you complete the form below (or your cancellation request is received in writing), a 30 day exit period will be observed at the end of which your membership will end and no further payments will be collected.

Before you go...

  • We ask that you honestly let us know how we can do better by filling out the form below.

  • If you decide to come back and renew your membership, you will be subject to the current membership prices and the enrollment fee.

  • We wish you all the best in your future fitness endeavors!

*During your first three weeks of membership, you may cancel without the 30 day exit period.  This must be specified in the form below no more than 21 days of your membership

  start date. 

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