Cancel Membership

Don't Go

We will miss you.

Need to cancel your membership?  We can help with that. While we hate to see any of our wonderful members leave, we understand that sometimes circumstances change. Simply stop by the front desk to chat with one of our staff, or click the button below to set up a Membership Cancellation appointment.


You may cancel your membership by setting up an appointment (in-person, on Zoom, or by phone).  Unlike most martial arts schools, we don’t require long-term contracts or cancellation fees.  All we ask is that our members briefly chat with us before leaving.  Whatever your reason for leaving, you can expect our staff to be friendly and supportive!  Cancellations will not be processed due to requests received via email, voicemail, text, or in-app messaging - thank you for understanding! 

Before you go...

  • We ask that you honestly let us know how we can do better during your conversation with our staff.

  • Once you meet with our staff, we'll set up your membership cancellation and no further payments will be collected.

  • If you decide to come back and renew your membership, you will be subject to the current membership prices and the enrollment fee.

  • We wish you all the best in your future fitness endeavors!

* Those participating in our trial memberships may cancel and receive a full refund within 5 business days of sign-up, provided they return any uniform or equipment they received.