Centerline offers a four week series for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of exercising at a gym, or feel too out of shape to get started.  Let our super-friendly staff guide you each step of the way and give you the confidence you need to start the transformation of a life-time!


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YOU can be a part of an expertly trained team that prioritizes fun and community!  Team Centerline participates and sponsors these Ithaca community events, to name a few:


  • The Tough Turtle 

  • Mud, Sweat, & Cheer 

  • Cornell Spartan Race

  • Tuff E' Nuff

  • AIDs Ride for Life


Contact us to train with team Centerline, and ask about our upcoming race-prep bootcamps and classes.


Centerline offers its experience and expertise to develop corporate training programs to spur workforce wellness.  We specialize in studying and understanding the physical needs of your manual labor employees, and then providing physical education to support their health, longevity, and productivity.


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