"Lose up to 5 pounds in two weeks, while improving your strength, mood, and energy!" 

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  • Bootcamp program tailored to your fitness level

  • RESULTS   -  Two Week Transformation

  • EVERYONE  -  45 minute beginner boot camp option

  • CONVENIENCE   -   Mornings before work in Ithaca, NY

  • OUTDOORS   -   Sunshine and fresh air!

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"Is it possibile to lose up to 5 pounds AND get stronger, in only 2 weeks?


Yes, it is.


Here's how we do it.  



You'll burn a ton of calories, while learning amazingly effective exercise techniques. We give you the best that sports science has to offer, kickstarting your transformation in just 60 minutes!  


Our classes include

HIIT (high intensity interval training) +

Kettlebells +

Battle Ropes +

Tractor Tire flips +

Lots of fat melting cardio +

Much more...






You'll finally make a habit out of eating healthy.


Our Fitness Bootcamp Program includes a 2-week healthy eating plan, designed to burn fat, boost energy, and detoxify your body!


You'll be fully committed to improving your health.

Two weeks is just enough time to start a routine of daily exercise.  Last year, our bootcamp absence rate was less than 2%!


That means 98% of our bootcamp participants got in a full 10+ hours of exercise and reached their goal!


In fact, all of our 2017 bootcamp programs were hugely popular! And most who signed up for one program signed up for another, because they saw the results they were looking for.


Now, you might be thinking… bootcamP?!


That sounds way too hard for me...  


And who wants to get yelled at after work? 




I completely AGREE!



Our bootcamps are



Every class is tailored to your fitness level by our attentive instructors, even if you haven't seriously worked out before.


And of course, we've replaced the mean-spirited SHOUTING with

motivation, inspiration, and peer support!







right there!


Ask yourself this...

"If there were a class for people just like me - other people who don't feel ready for a fitness challenge...


Other people that want to be living healthy, but don't know how to start...


People who don't feel comfortable in a gym and are looking for a supportive, motivating enviroment (it's not motivating working out at home, let be honest)


Then I Would Take THAT Class!"

Well here you go  : )

Beginner Bootcamp

It's exactly for people like you, and it's just 45 minutes long.  

There is NO fitness requirement.  

The mission is simple, really:

  1. Learn how to safely transform your body.

  2. Begin to erase your fear of fitness.

  3. Empower yourself to take charge of your health!

Together, we will feel the rewards of exercise!  


Now, if you're saying to yourself...

"This sounds great, but I'm REALLY out of shape and I don't think I'm ready for this.  I want to workout, but I don't feel comfortable in the gym and I don't know where to begin."



I talked to everyone who signed up for our bootcamps last year, to find out why they joined....


A few wanted to drop a size for the summer wedding season or lose a few pounds before their beach vacation.  









And many simply wanted to join a handful of others in a supportive atmosphere, starting a life-changing routine of healthy exercise!


Whichever reason best describes your goals, we're ready to help and we have a spot open for you in Ithaca!  


Reserve your spot now by calling 607-277-5425

(Even though our bootcamp classes take place outdoors, we do fill up!  We opt to cap our Ithaca class sizes to ensure that everyone will receive individual attention from our awesome instructors!)





Remember - you have nothing to lose by contacting us for more information, except 5 pounds and a dress/belt size! 

Why sign up now?


You’ll get stronger.


You’ll get more powerful.


You’ll get faster.


You’ll improve your balance.


You’ll burn more calories, lose fat and build muscle.



"I can’t recommend a better way to jumpstart 

your fitness in Ithaca this year!"


*We hate spam as much as you.  We will never share your information, ever.

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