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Boot Camp

Ages 18+

Welcome to Ithaca, NY's Premier

Early a.m. Fitness Program

Check out this video for a sneak peek at our Outdoor
Boot Camps!

Returning in 
May 2022!

"Increase your fitness in two weeks, while improving your strength, mood, and energy!" 

Have your best Summer yet...
with Coach Pope and our Centerline a.m. Boot Camp crew!

  • EQUIPPED: Everyone works with tires, ropes & more

  • BEGINNER FRIENDLY: Classes customized to YOU

  • FUN: Supportive and friendly early a.m. crew

  • PROGRESS: Come as you are - get fitter

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Burn a ton of calories and get some fresh air. All before the traffic starts.

Although you get 2 FULL WEEKS of awesome early morning workouts, all it takes is just ONE 60 MINUTE class to start feeling some of the benefits of your excellent decision:

  • STRONGER: You will get stronger. Every class.

  • MORE ENERGY: Early a.m. class + Vitamin D = Dynamic Duo

  • BETTER MOOD: Exercise boosts your mood. Look it up. 

  • POWERFUL: Feel more confident in your body & mind.

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That's just for starters!

Become a member, and you'll unlock all of these benefits by attending regular classes:

  • BE HEALTHIER: With regular exercise

  • BEST BODY YET: Optimize your physique

  • FRIENDSHIP: We are a close-knit community

  • ACHIEVEMENT: Accomplish your long-term fitness goals

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