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Kids Martial Arts

Ages 5+


Our students learn practical martial arts and life skills...

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Kids Kung Fu (ages 7+)

Invest in your child's future.

We offer classes in person and live on Zoom!  Our students are fully engaged and moving their bodies for the entire class! Kids Kung Fu classes cultivate focus, friendship, fitness, and self defense skills.

Get your child involved in our award-winning program based on respect, focus, fitness, and life skills.

Our Students Get:

  • Access to two classes per week

  • A safe space to learn, stay active, and feel a sense of achievement

  • Personalized instructor feedback every step of the way

  • Access to free video lessons

  • More than an activity, an investment in your future!

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Learn More:

Why Centerline Kids?   |   Schedule   |   FAQs

Little Dragons
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Little Dragons (ages 5-7)

Learning to listen, while learning Kung Fu!

We show our Little Dragon Students how to listen and learn in a classroom setting. They will see how to respect boundaries and how to set boundaries for their own comfort and wellbeing, all while keeping a sense of play and wonder!

Our Little Dragons program is currently for local (Ithaca, NY) students only. Online classes not available.

Get your child involved in our award-winning program based on respect, focus, fitness, and life skills.

Learn More:

Why Little Dragons?   |   Local Student Info

Kids Kung Fu Instructors

Collin Lieberman

Head Instructor


Assistant Instructor


Assistant Instructor


Assistant Instructor

Kids Classes at Centerline

  • Cultivating Focus / Strength / Balance

  • Growing Teamwork / Discipline / Mindfulness

  • Kids will learn important skills as they progress and earn new sashes!

Ready to try martial arts?

Here are a few words from the head instructor to help you get started...

Try a few classes.  

If this isn't a great fit for you and your child, I'll gladly refund you in full. Like so many other families, I'm confident that you and your child will love it here.  Come in and find out for yourself. 

The best that can happen is we start your child down a path to mastery and empowerment. For so many, Kung Fu has led to a healthy body, mind, and a lifetime of personal growth.



Collin Lieberman

Head Instructor and Kung Fu Program Director

Centerline Fitness & Martial Arts

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