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KIDS KUNG FU (ages 7-12)

Invest in your child’s wellbeing.

Zoom Kung Fu isn't just more "screen time".  Our students are fully engaged and moving their bodies for the entire class!  It's time to cultivate focus, friendship, fitness, and self defense from home.

Get your child involved in our award-winning program based on respect, focus, fitness, and life skills.

What you get:

  • Access to live zoom classes (2 per week): See schedule.

  • Uniforms and sashes shipped to your door after testing for rank!

  • Virtual coaching (personalized instructor feedback)

  • Access to video lessons

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Little Dragons (ages 4-6)

Learning to listen, while learning Kung Fu!


We show our Little Dragon Students how to listen and learn in a classroom setting.  They will see how to respect boundaries and how to set boundaries for their own comfort and wellbeing, all while keeping a sense of play and wonder!


Our Little Dragons program is currently for local (Ithaca, NY) students only. 


Kids Classes at Centerline

  • Cultivating Focus / Strength / Balance

  • Growing Teamwork / Discipline / Mindfulness

  • Kids will learn important skills as they progress and earn new sashes!

Kids Kung Fu Instructors


What happens in a Kung Fu class?

Ages 7+

  • We always start with engaging warm-ups!

    • We tap into the imagination

    • We cultivate body awareness & balance.

    • We teach vital stretches and movements, based on a blend of modern exercise science and ancient Kung Fu conditioning.

  • We learn and get stronger, with physical "Kung Fu" fitness!
    Kung Fu develops strong bodies!  Every class includes a physical workout, called Kung Fu Fitness.  This includes familiar exercises like push-ups & sit-ups, plus some less familiar ones based on cutting edge strength & conditioning resources.  The fitness requirements become progressively more difficult as students advance through the ranks, and our instructors provide support for each step of the way.  We offer positive reinforcement and expert coaching to ensure that each student learns proper technique, safeguarding their growing joints and muscles.


  • We Do Stance Training!
    This is one of the hidden gems of Kung Fu.  Not only does stance training make for exceptionally strong and balanced legs, it also tempers the mind - instilling patience and relaxed focus under stress.  These are valuable attributes that we all need later in life!


  • We play Kung Fu Games! 
    Games captivate our spirit while ensuring that students are excited to be in class and motivated to come back for more.  All of our Kung Fu games are fun, enriching, and teach valuable lessons beneath their surface.

Personal Achievement

  • Students will Earn Sashes
    All students feel a sense of joy and satisfaction after earning their next sash color and unlocking new material in the curriculum.  We help them to clearly see the path that they are on, leading towards a black sash after years of patient learning and focused effort. 


  • Marking the Progress between Sashes
    We use a tried and true system to help our students stay on track.  Before giving them their Kung Fu binder & home practice journal, we schedule a family meeting with the head instructor to make a realistic practice plan.  We also have a"Star" earning system that marks the path between sashes!

A Word from the head instructor

"There are many activities, sports, and hobbies competing for the time and attention of families today (it seems like more than when I was growing up!).

There is one important element of Kung Fu training however, that deserves special consideration - every class at Centerline builds positive relationships!


Students will spark lifelong friendships in our school - Kung Fu training forms special bonds that often last through adulthood (a rare thing, in my experience).  Every child is on the same team here!  Plus, our instructors make use each class as an opportunity to guide our community's kids towards health, balance, and happiness."


- Sifu Collin, Head Instructor

Soft Dots

What happens in a Little Dragons class?

Ages 3-6

  • Engaging Warm-ups!
    Using imagination to cultivate body awareness & balance and having fun!


  • Learning to Listen, while Learning Kung Fu!
    We show our Little Dragon Students how to listen and learn in a classroom setting.  They will see how to respect boundaries and how to set boundaries for their own comfort and wellbeing, all while keeping a sense of play and wonder!


  • The Best Instructors!
    The class is led by the professional instructors having years of Kung Fu Experience, and a Kung Fu helper (an exceptional Kung Fu student from our Kids Kung Fu Program). Our small student-to-instructor ratio ensures that every Little Dragon will receive lots of personal coaching & guidance!


  • Games!
    Little Dragons will play games that are fun, enriching, and teach valuable lessons.


  • Colored Bracelets To Track Achievement!
    Little Dragons earn colored bracelets as a visible reminder of their progress through the program.  In between bracelets, they will earn colored stripes for demonstrating attributes such as patience, bravery, focus, and respect during class.


  • Building a Strong Foundation For Kids Kung Fu!
    Little Dragons are on their way to becoming future Kids Kung Fu Students. 
    Our preschool program lays the foundation of technique, focus and respect (for self & others) that will empower these students to excel in our Kids Kung Fu Program once they graduate.


Ready to try martial arts?

Here are a few words from the head instructor to help you get started...

Try a few classes.  

If this isn't a great fit for you and your child, I'll gladly refund you in full.  Like so many other families, I'm confident that you and your child will love it here.  Come in and find out for yourself. 

The best that can happen is we start your child down a path to mastery of a timeless art. For so many, Kung Fu has led to a healthy body, mind, and a lifetime of personal growth.



Collin Lieberman

Head Instructor and Kung Fu Program Director

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