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Tai Chi (Taijiquan) 

Taijiquan is...​​

A gentle movement art,

A potent, long-term investment in physical and mental health,

A path to enhance attributes for every martial artist,

A spiritual vista, path or gateway for connectedness,

Both calming and enlivening,

Wholesome fun!

Tai Chi In The Park

  • Wednesdays from 9-10am at Thompson (Triangle) Park

  • Class is FREE for Centerline Members

  • First class is FREE to try

  • $20 Drop-In, otherwise

  • Class is cancelled whenever there is steady rain or lightning. Weather cancellations will be shared on our IG / FB story only, by 8:30am.

Class caters to beginners, but deeply helpful for anyone.  You will learn balance, flexibility and to calm your mind with the graceful movements of this gentle martial art. 

The course is taught by Collin, who began studying Someday Farm Family Taijiquan (an old Yang Style) about 20 years ago, with the benevolently enigmatic unteacher - Stephen Watson.

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