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Tai Chi (Taijiquan) 

Taijiquan is...​​

A gentle movement art,

A high yield investment for physical and mental health,

A spiritual vista, path or gateway, as you like,

A way to enhance one's attributes for all martial arts,

Both calming and enlivening,

Wholesome fun!

Beginning Tai Chi Course

  • Starts May 1st

  • Wednesdays in May from 3-4pm at Centerline Martial Arts

  • 1 Special Outdoor Monday Class (Date TBD)

  • 6 Classes Total: $72-108 Sliding Scale

  • Discount for Centerline Members / FREE for Gold Members! 

A new Tai Chi course starts this May at Centerline!  Catering to beginners, but deeply helpful for anyone.  You will learn balance, flexibility and to calm your mind with the graceful movements of this gentle martial art. 

The instructor has studied Someday Farm Family Taijiquan (an old Yang Style) for 20 years, with the benevolently enigmatic unteacher - Stephen Watson.

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