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Welcome to Centerline

The premier martial arts academy for kids & adults in Ithaca, NY!  
Self-defense, Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Silat, Kali, Kickboxing and more - Learn with us


See some of what we practice at Centerline!

Strength for Good.

Balance for Life.

Unlock your true potential on the

martial arts path!

We've already helped hundreds of people cultivate a more balanced & powerful life through martial arts training!

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Stone Wall


Is your current exercise routine stale, uninspired, or worse yet, non-existant?



Our classes will

inspire you to move every day.



Do you struggle with chronic tightness, low energy, weight control or lack of motivation?

Our classes will unlock strength, flexibility & power!



Are stress and isolation wearing you down? Is anxiety holding you back?

Our classes will  boost your mood and empower you to achieve your goals.

EMPOWER YOUR LIFE with Martial Arts!


Fill out the contact form to connect with us; you'll schedule a free consultation for a quick tour and to ask us your questions.



Schedule an in-person or virtual tour of our beautiful school in Ithaca, NY, guided by one of our professional instructors.



Not sure what to expect?  Are you completely new to martial arts?  Start with our trial program and see how a few classes feel.  You'll get kindness, support and guidance through every step of your training.


Sudan Testimonial.jpg


Centerline is a real force for good in my life. All of the instructors are amazing. JEET KUNE DO and KALI and SILAT and much more. I've been with Centerline since February of 2016. From day one I felt comfortable and capable of my health and martial arts goals. I lost 20 pounds. I feel great. We are family. We are friends. We are teammates. We are Centerline.

-Sudan A.



​My daughter has been in the Little Dragons class for over a year now. This class is not only a blast, but it has taught her that hard work and practice pay off - these kids really need to prove themselves before moving up to the next level.  In addition, she has learned to cheer on her classmates, even if a friend advances before she does.  Kudos to Centerline for teaching basic life skills to these kids.

-Eva Oxford



Hands down, joining Centerline was the best decision I've ever made. It's a warm, welcoming community that remains a platform for constant growth. Every instructor has something knowledgeable and different to bring to the table, and they each do so with a kind yet driving spirit, pushing everyone to be a better version of themselves. Not only have I been rewarded physically, my mental health is the best it's ever been in my life. Whether you have vast experience in fitness/martial arts or none at all, Centerline has a place for you!

-Ashley Ickes

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Start with a Free Class.

Your journey towards health, community &
personal empowerment starts now!

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